The impacts of this are twofold. First, many removable illegal immigrants are simply released into the United States. Second, such policies make it appear as though fewer illegal immigrants are skipping their court hearings than actually are. After all, if they are never instructed to show up at court, DHS and the Department of Justice do not have to account for them as absconders.

As a result of this and other efforts not to enforce immigration laws, U.S. border patrol officers and immigration agents are unable to properly conduct their duties, as drug cartels take advantage of the ensuing chaos. This is inexcusable.

It should come as no surprise, then, that removals and returns from the U.S. continue to drop, reaching the lowest point since 1971. Deportations from the interior of the U.S. have fallen dramatically, and even the removal of criminal aliens is plummeting.

Even more shockingly, when asked what the consequences would be for a border patrol agent who violated DHS policies in favor of adhering to federal law, Judd testified that “if they do not comply with the policies that are given, we could terminate [them].” As a result, U.S. border patrol agents are being forced to ignore federal law in favor of obeying DHS policies or face the consequences.

Despite its statements to the contrary, the Obama administration has the ability to more quickly and effectively remove illegal immigrants by means of the 287(g) program and “expedited removal” provisions that are enshrined in federal law. Rather than look for excuses to ignore the law, DHS should be using the tools at its disposal to uphold the law.

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