Reference Materials: Kubark Counter-Intelligence and Interrogation Manual

Published in 1963, an interesting read for sure.

Some practical applications for Intelligence Gathering as well as Counter-Intelligence activities.


KUBARK Counter-Intelligence and Interrogation Manual

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World War II History: High Hitler


High Hitler: How Nazi Drug Abuse Steered the Course of History

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Most anybody who reads WW2 History knows the majority of Nazi’s and Japs were HUGE Dope heads. But this book is unique in that it focuses on how their primary drug of choice was not opiates as most historians have thought, but methamphetamine.

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Crime Awareness: Recognizing Street Thieves and Their Hustles


This Couple Spotted The Exact Moment They Were Scammed Out Of A Watch While On Vacation

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Funny picture, but it shows the subtle and deceptive tradecraft of thieves all over the globe.

So often children are used in street scams like this to emotionally disarm and distract the tourist.

Don’t be emotionally disarmed and/or distracted by kids in the street while traveling, it can cost you more than a watch sometimes.

Some of these gangs like in Southeast Asia/Mexico and Central/South America use scams like this to draw people into kidnapping situations.

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Civilian Operator 101: Hip-Pocket Medical Drills


Hip-Pocket Medical Drills

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Really excellent set of drills  from the dudes at Lone Star medics to run in a SUT setting, CCW, etc.

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Contact Medicine

Outstanding Info Here. Read x3, then send to 5 friends to read.



Fact #1- If you’re planning on taking up arms, plan on getting hurt.

Fact #2- Statistically speaking, 10% of those injured will die from injuries sustained. Nothing you will do can change this. These casualties will be dead usually from first contact.

Fact #3- Of the 90% who don’t die, without a tiered response plan by trained and seasoned pros, many of them will die also.

Fact #4- In this era of government sponsored public endangerment, most public places are now an asymmetric battlefield.

Now that may not fit into your 3%er Rambo paradigm, but its the truth. So if you haven’t been a) networking, b) networking with the right people and c) training, you might just want to get on that. We are going to deal with how to stock a realistic personal kit that will actually save lives and won’t kill you or your patient in the…

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Texas News: Muslim Lawyer Dressed in Nazi Uniform Goes On Shooting Spree, Wounds 9

This is a strange one.


Raw: Witness video captures gunshots near West U

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