You generally have two options when you find yourself in a pair of flex cuffs: You can either a) lay there and do nothing, or b) break out of them like a motherfucking beast.

If option b is more your style, check out this slick little video from our friends over at Man Hacks, who show you how to escape from flex cuffs using nothing but a shoelace and some elbow grease.

n skills.” Not surprisingly, it’s run by two combat vets: Logan Stark, a former Marine Corps scout sniper, and Jeff Kirkham, who served 28 years in the Army Green Berets.

Every week, Man Hacks will release a different video demonstrating how to do something manly, like wolf down buffalo wings in a single bite or make a hasty tourniquet. Check out their Facebook page here.

In the meantime, get educated:

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