Armed Citizen Corner: Another Case of Fleeing Suspects

Angry guy with rifle shooting at a burglar with a stolen bag isolated on white background

Home Owner Arrested After Shooting Burglar

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I agree with Bob on this one, I expect the charges will be dropped unless there is more to the story than we are being told.

However, let’s look a little bit closer because I have been noticing a pattern as of late with some recent incidents involving armed how owners or Concealed Carriers and “fleeing suspects”

If your life is not in IMMINENT DANGER (and please forgive me for using these ‘legalese’ terms, but I want you guys to get into the habit of thinking this way if you are going to carry and use a gun for self-defense) and you get into a self-defense scenario and the suspect or suspects FLEE… let them go!

DO NOT CHASE THEM as it can result in the Cops thinking you are the BAD GUY WITH THE GUN !

And definitely DO NOT yell the ubiquitous Hollywood action film  “STOP OR I WILL SHOOT!”

Yeah OK, the scumbags broke in and stole something, but at this point, they are not trying to HARM YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES. They are fleeing away from you and your home. Yelling “STOP” and inviting them back into a confrontation is not a smart move. Yes I know they violated your property and had no right to do that and you are pissed off, But consider: It’s 3am, it’s dark you are still half way asleep and your brain is not all the way together because of the combination of all this and stress…do you really want to invite a confrontation with a thug who is possibly armed for the sake of either retrieving a MATERIAL object that can be replaced or worse yet, trying to do the job of Law Enforcement and make a citizens arrest? No of course not.

Let the Cops do their job and catch this idiot and retrieve your stolen goods if possible. Just remember to get a good description of the guy (or vehicle and plates) and the direction they went.

Now I know it is real easy to armchair quarterback a hairy situation like this, but I am only doing it for the sake of helping you guys remember that when you use a gun in self-defense, there is not just ONE FIGHT for your life, but TWO. The First happens on the street and the second happens in the Courtroom, and believe me when I tell you the one in the courtroom often suck way worse than the one on the street (unless you are killed on the street that is.)

Be Smart!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Armed Citizen Corner: TX Couple Defend Themselves in Own Driveway


Texas Couple With Gun In Car Shoots Armed Robber

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IMO, this story was a royal fluke. In other words, this couple is darn lucky that the would-be robber was a first rate IDIOT.

The fact that a firearm could be “passed” to the husband during the robbery, is definitely A-TYPICAL to say the least!

Having said that, here are a few observations:

  1. Never let your Guard down! Even in your own home or driveway!
  2. NEVER get out of your car during a robbery,  if possible.
  3. If you carry concealed, carry on your PERSON 24/7, No Exceptions.
  4. If you carry a handgun in your vehicle, have it reasonably accessible so you can draw and shoot quickly
  5. You are sitting in a 2 ton weapon. If possible use it! It trumps a measly handgun any day of the week plus Sundays.

I often harp on the fact that Armed Citizens neglect their “Vehicle Fighting Skills” way too much.

Being that we spend the majority of our time in our vehicles, the probability is always high something will happen while we are in them.

If you don’t have the means to practice live fire in a vehicle, at least take some time practicing how best to access your gun from your holster while seated in your vehicle (with your seat belt on) and accessing the gun from a hidden area in the car (like the center console or under the seat). Work on it and Tweak it until it is smooth and relatively quick.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Civilian Operator 101: Preparing for a Possible Kidnapping

I have not talked a whole lot about Kidnappings or Attempted Kidnappings for a while now simply because Active Shooters scenarios have taken precedence as of late.

But the fact remains, the CO in order to stay realistic in their training, needs to understand that KIDNAPPINGS are still a very viable THREAT. Regardless if you have small children or not, being able to recognize the warning signs could save an innocent child’s life one day.

Take this recent INCIDENT in Houston, Texas, where in broad daylight in a grocery store, a man attempted to snatch a child from a grocery cart.

Notice how the guy once discovered, tried to play it off very innocently to the mother. Can you say CREEP!!

The main thing I want you guys to learn from this scenario is this: Once somebody actually HAS PHYSICAL CONTROL OF YOUR CHILD, your options get really slim, really fast.

In addition to practicing good situational awareness, here are a few more tips:

  • If the child is an infant, ALWAYS strap them into the car seat or carrier when out in public. The more restraints, the better!
  • In a grocery store if your child is in a carrier, always keep the child in FRONT of you where you have eyes on them, never LEAVE the buggy unattended, even for a second. (I think it states that on the cart itself!)
  • As a Woman alone or with a child in a store in public, if a man is making you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, be VOCAL about it. Draw Attention to the situation ASAP. Better to be RUDE than DEAD!

Side Note: I DO NOT recommend women with infants or toddlers carry OC Spray. If you have to carry some type of non-lethal, go with a tazer or stun gun. OC Spray even when sprayed directly at an attackers face, due to wind or other variables, can have  residual effects on by-standers vision and breathing. Even in small amounts, OC can cause serious respiratory distress in infants and toddlers.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Armed Citizen Corner: Shooting Through A Concealed Carry Purse

How to Shoot Through A Concealed-Carry Purse

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A little something for the armed ladies out there!

It has been my experience that you MUST ALWAYS plan for the worst case scenario in self-defense, because no plan rarely survives contact with the enemy!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner: Fighting From The Bed


Fighting From The Bed

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Although the author promotes the use of revolvers versus semi-auto’s due to “reliability” issues, the advice in the article is sound. The author also touches on the very important, but often neglected fact of understanding the need of having to work around physical  injuries in our routine and also adjust to our bodies getting older in order for our self-defense readiness to stay realistic.

I also highly promote using a light/laser unit for home defense. It is really a no-brainer having a light on any fighting weapon, but especially on a home defense handgun.  I have been using Streamlights TLR-2 series for years now with great results. They are priced reasonably enough for the average working stiff and are tough as hell. Also as a side note, for a handgun setup AROUND THE HOME you want to sight the unit in for around 7 yards or 21 feet, this might seem a bit long for a shot you take in your house, but remember you have to measure for the LONGEST shot you are gonna take not the SHORTEST, and this includes not only IN your home but also AROUND the OUTSIDE of your home as well.

I would also recommend every once in a while running through a set of “rehearsal” drills where you practice drawing, presenting and dry-firing your weapon from the bed. Simulate everything down to the last detail. Can you access your gun quickly irregardless of how you are laying in bed? On your Side, On your Back? On your stomach?Can you access your gun with either hand if needed? Always Drill in the dark because it is going to be dark when trouble comes calling 9 times out of 10. Also include in these drills taking shots from other common positions you might find yourself in while at home: Shooting from your favorite recliner in the living room to the Front or Back door, From your Dining room chair to the Front or Back Door, etc. You get the ideal.

Also, regardless if you have a hard line phone in your bedroom, keep your cell phone where you can get to it when you are asleep. You don’t want to have to get up or go THORUGH the bad guy to have comms before or after a self-defense shooting! In fact it is just a good rule of thumb in addition to your weapon to always keep your cell phone and a good flashlight on your person or within arms wherever you are in your house.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner: Stationary Vehicle Confrontations


Walmart Employee Gets The Jump on Mugger, Killing Him First

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Details are sketchy on this shooting, but here are some lesson we can draw from it with the info we have.

We all have found ourselves sitting stationary in our vehicles for some reason.

Maybe we are answering a phone call, getting our grocery list together, waiting on somebody to arrive, etc.

The main thing to remember is this: Legally (in most States) Your Vehicle, like your home, is your castle.

That means you can protect yourself while in your vehicle much in the same manner as if you were in your home.

Review Texas Gun Laws

  • Whenever you are in your vehicle and it is stationary (especially at night in a parking lot) keep the windows up and doors locked.
  • DO NOT kill the engine until you are ready to EXIT the vehicle.
  • In most States, such as Texas,  you do not need a Concealed Carry permit to carry a handgun or long gun in your vehicle, as long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle and it is under YOUR control.
  • Ensure the place you keep the weapon it is NOT  in plain view and at the same time is easy to access while driving. The Center Console is often a good choice. Underneath the seat is O.K. but I have found it is not as fast to get to in a pinch. Best case scenario is if you have a CCL, is to keep the Gun on your PERSON at all times.
  • If somebody approaches your vehicle and either threatens you or makes you feel uncomfortable, put the vehicle in DRIVE and get out of dodge. As I have always said, a 2 ton vehicle always trumps a handgun of any caliber.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Texas News: Concealed Carrier Saves AutoZone Employees


Concealed Carrier Saves AutoZone Employees

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Guns Save Lives Folks.

Buy Them. Carry Them. Love Them for what they are: a Tool for Self-Defense and Self-Reliance.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous.