Gear Review: Two New Spec-Ops Bags

Wanted to show you guys two new bags from a really awesome Texas Company,  Spec-Ops Brand.

I have been considering building two new Vehicle Bags for a while now:  a VBOB  and a Vehicle Ammo Bag



T.H.E. is an acronym for “Tactical Holds Everything” and believe me when I tell you, this thing does. With a total cubic capacity of 2,550 cubic inches, this pack is perfect for a BOB or VBOB. It is a true backpack with a H Harness and not a single strap Gearslinger . It has three compartments beside the main one; two zippered pouches on the outside and a zippered see through netting compartment on the inside top. The color is the very “urban” Kryptek Typhon.


The Messenger Bag XL

At first glance this bag looks like an over-sized “tactical” laptop bag.  But with a little imagination you will soon find this bag could be used for just about anything, including hiding a compact AR or AK Pistol. I got it in the standard black since the majority of my bags are coyote or OD Green and I wanted a non-descript “Grey” man bag.

Here are some pictures of how I set up:


One of the standard features on almost all of Spec-Ops Brand Packs are the Grid-Lock Loops on the front and side which allow the attachment of a huge variety of pouches. Since this was going to be a VBOB, On one side I attached a Large Med Pouch which would contain all the everyday medical supplies.


On the other side I attached a large field knife, in this case a Becker BK-7 in a Spec Ops Combat Master Knife SheathExcuse the Foliage color, but this sheath is also on my belt when I am out in the woods!


Here are the two pouches on the outside, top and bottom. In the top I kept lights and batteries and the bottom I put Trauma materials: Quicklot, Israeli bandages, CAT Tourniquet, etc.


The third pouch on the inside is a zippered see-through affair and is plenty large to fit most anything. The Main compartment is massive and is colored yellow to create a contrast to make it easier to find things. It also has a back pocket for a hydration bladder and sealed holes on top on both sides for a camelbak hose nozzle.


The H Harness is solid and comes with both a chest and waist strap. It has handy D Rings for attaching whatever, in my case I added a light/multi-tool pouch.


The XL Messenger bag looks like a big Laptop case at first glance, but will definitely fit something much larger than a laptop. It has a Velcro strip across the front for patches or nametags.(Texas Flag Patch not included!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Plus Grid Lock Loops for attaching extra pouches. As in all Spec-Ops bags, all stress points and handles are double bar stitched to ensure toughness, stability and longevity in the field.


One of the cool features is the zippered top so you don’t have to unbuckle the straps to access your gear (or ammo). The inside is bright yellow also so you have a contrasting background to find things more easily.


There are two huge zippered pockets on the front, one with a clear panel and the other see-through mesh. The ideal being easy access and visibility for your gear!

The 2 white Bigfoot feet at the bottom are not included. 🙂

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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