Armed Citizen Corner: Fighting From The Bed


Fighting From The Bed

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Although the author promotes the use of revolvers versus semi-auto’s due to “reliability” issues, the advice in the article is sound. The author also touches on the very important, but often neglected fact of understanding the need of having to work around physical  injuries in our routine and also adjust to our bodies getting older in order for our self-defense readiness to stay realistic.

I also highly promote using a light/laser unit for home defense. It is really a no-brainer having a light on any fighting weapon, but especially on a home defense handgun.  I have been using Streamlights TLR-2 series for years now with great results. They are priced reasonably enough for the average working stiff and are tough as hell. Also as a side note, for a handgun setup AROUND THE HOME you want to sight the unit in for around 7 yards or 21 feet, this might seem a bit long for a shot you take in your house, but remember you have to measure for the LONGEST shot you are gonna take not the SHORTEST, and this includes not only IN your home but also AROUND the OUTSIDE of your home as well.

I would also recommend every once in a while running through a set of “rehearsal” drills where you practice drawing, presenting and dry-firing your weapon from the bed. Simulate everything down to the last detail. Can you access your gun quickly irregardless of how you are laying in bed? On your Side, On your Back? On your stomach?Can you access your gun with either hand if needed? Always Drill in the dark because it is going to be dark when trouble comes calling 9 times out of 10. Also include in these drills taking shots from other common positions you might find yourself in while at home: Shooting from your favorite recliner in the living room to the Front or Back door, From your Dining room chair to the Front or Back Door, etc. You get the ideal.

Also, regardless if you have a hard line phone in your bedroom, keep your cell phone where you can get to it when you are asleep. You don’t want to have to get up or go THORUGH the bad guy to have comms before or after a self-defense shooting! In fact it is just a good rule of thumb in addition to your weapon to always keep your cell phone and a good flashlight on your person or within arms wherever you are in your house.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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