This Is The End Result Of Social Justice Movements Like BLM

The Monsters in This New Horror Film Are Literally Just White People

(click on link above to be re-directed)

If you can stomach this trailer, the plot is pretty obvious.

Be Honest, are you really surprised Hollywood come out with this piece of racist propaganda crap?

Welcome to the new normal folks.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


6 thoughts on “This Is The End Result Of Social Justice Movements Like BLM

    • White Guilt. One of the most effective tools of the BLM!

      Yes, blacks sometimes are portrayed as stupid and are the first ones killed in horror films, but nothing like this movie…in which white people brainwash and indoctrinate black people to fit in and live in white “suburbia”…I mean this thing is being marketed as a BLACK HORROR FILM! and easily could be a BLM propaganda film to boot. Bottom line, BLM is a terror group who is responsible for the needless deaths of police officers and innocent WHITE people, so you can stop having “pity” for them, but I am sure they will accept your credit card # if you call them.

  1. I welcome you to read an article on my page titled To be White in Contemporary America.

    Once you have done so, you may get the sense that BLM is a movement to progress to equality. Yes, there are extremist in this group like there are extremists in every group. Let’s not forget about the KKK, who was in fact an extremist group alone.

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