Crusader Corner: 44+ Afghan Soldiers Missing in U.S.


Pentagon Says Dozens Of Afghan Soldiers Missing In U.S.

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Now here is one you will definitely not hear about on state run media.

44 or more afghan soldiers with American military training are roaming around the United States right now illegally.

Now if you keep up with the current state of the War in Afghanistan right now (yeah there is still a War going on) you know that the type of people that populate the Afghan Military are not exactly what you would call “stable and loyal”, in fact a majority of them are insider plants loyal only to the Taliban and are just itching to do their part for their jihad against America.

Bottom line, with the Syrian refugee debacle and this combined, we have a Government who imports possible terrorist into this country and then has a habit of losing track of them.

Statistically speaking, we are ripe for another big disaster.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!