The Surveillance State: Govt. Trained “Activist” and “Protesters?”


Arab Spring Activists Relied on Social Media — And America Taught Them How to Use It

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I linked this article for the reason of making the point that the US Government is in the business of TRAINING activist and protesters (in this case in foreign countries) to help overthrow “totalitarian” regimes like the one in Egypt through the use of coordinated social media campaigns.

But let’s take a moment and step back and ask ourselves the question how hard it would be for the U.S. Govt. to do the same thing here domestically in the event they wanted to initiate say, martial law? Using the twisted logic of Government Doublespeak (which we already know BLM is very fond of) these kind of activities could easily be considered “Pro-Democracy” just like the ones in Egypt were, no?

We have already seen this same Modus Operandi, where “protesters” and “activist” (ie criminals) from other States were called in (most through BLM Social media campaigns) both  in Ferguson, Minneapolis and Charlotte. We have also seen proof that George Soros FUNDED these campaigns, so it begs the question: Was Soros acting alone or was he just a Straw Man for Uncle Sam?

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