“They Keep Finding Bodies”

As I have said before, the lib-tard elites who make and vote these illegal and unconstitutional “immigration policies” into law are always insulated from the effects of them by having teams of armed secret service (while trying to continually DISARM everyday citizens) while they live in their crystal towers and gated communities… for a large portion of America, especially for those of us in the Southern border States, we don’t have an “Immigration Crisis” we have an Immigration WAR going on EVERYDAY in our communities and towns and the innocent civilian casualties are stacking up although the state run media refuses to cover most of them.


STOP relying on the Fed’s (or anybody for that matter) for your Safety. That ship sailed a LONG time ago.

Take Charge of your Own Security.

Know your Enemy! The Gangs that enforce and run drugs for these Cartels are spread out all over the United States.

The 2015 Texas DPS Gang Threat Assessment is a good place to start.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Since da gubmint refuses to build a fence or a wall and keeps welcoming in illegal aliens, what else can we expect?  We can thank our current administration and idiot congress for the violence we suffer from gangs like MS-13.  But instead of taking care of the business of providing for the security of the nation (which they are Constitutionally tasked with), they are busy harassing our citizens for conducting normal, legal activities (see next post).

ms13It would be a good idea to Google ‘images of MS-13 and familiarize yourself with their gang signs.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  A good scout is prepared.

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