Modern Crime: JP Morgan Deaths Keep Racking Up



Strange Deaths of JP Morgan Workers Continue

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Whether or not you are a conspiracy theorist, you have to admit, these stories go far beyond “coincidence”.

With the recent death of these 2 sisters the body count of the “Dead Bankers Society” stands at 74!!

And just think: 2016 is not even over yet.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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    Folks, as TRUTH begins to unfold – the unfortunate reality is that these murders will increase as the criminals in banking and government try to hide their crimes.


    Last Thursday, September 22, 2016, the body of Ann Korkki, a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Wealth Management division of JPMorgan Chase in Denver, Colorado was found with the body of her sister, Robin Korkki, inside their luxury vacation villa at the Maia Resort on Seychelles, an island in the Indian Ocean off the East African coast. Ann Korkki was 37; her sister Robin was 42.

    According to the local Seychelles newspaper, there was no sign of violence on the bodies of the women who were on a one week vacation at the resort. The mother and brother of the sisters are currently in Seychelles “pressing U.S. and local officials for details” and making arrangements to bring the sisters back to the U.S. according to a news report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which covered the story because the sisters had attended high school in the area.

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