Crusader Corner: Same S*it, Different Day In Response To Terrorism in America


Two articles in Jihad Watch recently made me think of that movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

You know the movie? Where Bill Murray, who plays an arrogant weatherman gets stranded in this small, one horse town and has to live the same day over and over again with maniacal repetition?

Really Funny movie, Except the current situation where Americans are being injured and killed on a weekly and monthly basis by Terrorist is Not funny.

Either is the media and spineless politicians who refuse to accept the fact that the enemy we should be concerned with fighting and killing is NOT in some foreign country, but our own backyard.

And Blaming the TOOL used to Commit the Crime makes about as much sense as blaming a Vehicle for Drunk Driving Deaths. Focus on the OPERATOR not the TOOL.


Washington state mall shooter: “Say SubhanAllah [Glory to Allah] 10x”

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OK, so after all the misdirection and flat out denial by the media and spineless politicians that this POS was even a muslim. (I will hand it to them, it was a great attempt to fool the sheeple out there; the guy does resemble your average pudgy mexican landscaper at first glance) here we have hard proof that not only was he a muslim, but he also was a terrorist with a STRONG Anti-American philosophy (he calls the leader of ISIS his “main dude”) and without a doubt was hell bent on committing jihad on American soil.

Hillary advocates gun control as response to terrorism

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Here is where I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day the most.

  • Let’s keep blaming the TOOL the terrorist use, which in the case of Cascade Mall Shooting was hunting rifle, not a big bad black assault rifle.(Interesting Note: It seems he entered the mall with a bag containing the disassembled rifle and then later assembled it before the shooting. Will look at this later in detail.)
  • Let’s not address the THREAT here currently in the United States, which is hundreds of thousands of muslims who HATE America (or the hundreds of thousands of other ticking time bombs we are importing from Syria and are coming over the Canadian and Mexican borders en masse illegally) Instead, let’s put ALL the blame on ISIS in Syria and Iraq and by doing that, possibly garner support for another long and useless war in the middle east.


Like I said Groundhog Day, over and over and over again.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed, WAKE UP and Stay Dangerous!





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