Practical Skill-Sets: Being Able To Self-Treat Trauma Emergencies


Dealing With Medical Emergencies Solo: When It’s Necessary To Stitch Up Your Own Wound, Pull Out Your Own Tooth, Apply Your Own Tourniquet

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Events as of late have had me thinking a lot lately about increasing my medical training to be able not only to self-treat but also treat multiple injuries. You cannot depend on somebody else calling 911 or having a spare IFAK or Blowout Kit!!

Prepare Now.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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    I am not one that likes to go to any doc/dentist just too invasive for me lol I avoid as much as possible and my family knows I have a little home remedy for most ailments – more often than not they work! But when the SHTF and there may not be resources what will we do?


    Alright, so there’s a couple things you need to take into account when dealing with your own gash. First, access how badly it’s bleeding. If you’re lucky, like I was, then it won’t bleed too much. That means you’ll be able to clearly see the wound for what it is. For now, let’s assume that’s the case. Access the nature of the cut.

    Is it jagged? You may have to trim the edges, but only what is completely necessary. My cut was completely straight, luckily, so all I had to do was pull the two edges together.
    Is there debris lodged within it? If you close the wound and leave bacteria in there to fester, you could develop an infection. Since you don’t have access to a hospital, make sure you clean the wound every day until it closes.
    Is it over a joint? This will make stitches a lot harder, since the sides of the wound will constantly pulled apart.
    Is it the result of an animal bite? If the answer is yes, you may not want to stitch it. Doing so will only result in a higher chance of infection, as you’ll be trapping the bacteria inside the wound.

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