Crusader Corner: The Reality of Jihad by Migration in America


Germany About to Raise Property Taxes Significantly

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If you keep up with how things are going in Europe, you cannot deny the multi-faceted impact (social, financial, criminal, etc.) the Syrian refugee Crisis has had, especially in Germany, where Merkel and the other ass clowns have been the authors of their own destruction.(See above article).

Transfer this same scenario to the United States.

We have the same exact breed of ass-clowns making the same type of bad decisions that will affect this country for GENERATIONS.

With Tens of Thousands of Syrian refugees set to be imported into States across the Nation, apart from the OBVIOUS THREAT OF TERRORISM, consider the impact on these State and Local economies already strained or completely broken. Consider the amount tax dollars in the form of welfare that is going to be needed to feed, clothe and house these people. And what about jobs? In Communities where low paying jobs are the norm, such as retail sales and the food service industry for example, do you think an employer will continue paying somebody $9 to $10 an hour for a job they know they can hire one of these immigrants to do for Minimum wage? We can all hope for employers to think “America First” but it has been my observation that economic reality and the bottom line will almost always supersede Patriotism.

Not a pretty picture.

If you look back in History, one of the most subtle and vicious components of Jihad by Migration and Islamic Conquest of a Nation, is the issue of Financial Warfare .

To put it simply, this is when America’s  enemies, both foreign and domestic, without firing a shot or exploding a bomb, slowly bankrupt and devalue the host country to where the only viable outcome for the citizenry is to pack up and move on for greener pastures, leaving the remaining shell of their community to the imported force of refugees. Once financial warfare is semi-successful, the enemy moves on to implementing their own laws and customs. To see a current example of this, one only needs to look at the sad state of Dearborn, Michigan.

There is also the issue of the erosion of National Identity and Sovereignty.

In Germany, if you talk to anybody older than 35 you will find the majority of them will say they don’t even recognize their own country anymore since the refugee crisis. In Sweden it is a much more tragic story. In both cases, The time frame of destruction was very short, only around 3 years. How long will it take for the United States? Five or Six?

As far as German and American  “Sovereignty”, What sovereignty? Merkel and Obama, have their heads so far up the United Nations backside that if the U.N. stopped suddenly, they both would give the U.N a free colonoscopy. These two “Globalist” (I feel dirty just using that word) have both willingly surrendered their country’s rights and freedoms to an International Community of power-hungry Socialist goons who are only interested in one thing: CONTROL.

Consider for a moment the rights America currently has on the chopping block thanks to BHO’s continuous effort to appease the U.N. To prove this point, what do you think the focus of Obamas last visit to the U.N  consisted of?  I will give you a hint: Refugees and where to dump them.

Just some food for thought.

(Authors Note: While you are considering the above information, add this in to your summary:  It was recently announced the shooter responsible for the murder of 5 people at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington has been arrested. He was identified as Arcan Cetin, a Turkish muslim from Adana, Turkey.)

How many more attacks on innocent Americans by muslim immigrants, whether they be connected to a terror cell or not, must we endure before we realize these people are not coming here because they love us?


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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  1. Everybody in the lame stream media is talking about how all the recent islamic-jihad-inspired terrorist attacks on American soil have been some thing else … most notably things like “Mental Challenges” or “Isolated cases not connected to any larger group” and so on and so forth. The denials of what motivates these attacks being vomited out by the Leftist PC machines these days is sickening indeed. Denial of the problem is not going to make it go away folks. Giving them better jobs, bigger houses, more exensive sneakers and designer jeans and food stamps and free health care …. none of these “Perks of Compassion” are going to change the basic motivation of their penchant for violence because it is in the DNA …. nurtured by at least 130 separate verses of the book they look to for their religious instruction …. a violence that has described their motivations for at least 14 centuries now ….America had better wake up to the PC Culture that is being forced onto them by their PC elitists because if they don’t — and soon — they may wake up being accused of being “Kasfir” or “Infidel” or “Apostate” and if that day ever comes I couldn’t give you two cents for their chances of survival at the hands of their new “Peaceful Religionist” masters.

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