Trauma Medicine: Cheeto’s and Duct Tape


Bloody Important – Cheetos and Duct Tape

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Awesome article on what I would call “Field Expedient Trauma Care”. It addresses an issue that I have actually been thinking a lot about lately since the bombings in New York and New Jersey. I carry an EDC IFAK Kit, but what about when you encounter MASS casualties like in an IED or a Vehicle Attack? You only have enough supplies for 1 or 2 folks at most. Whatta you do about the rest? Tell all those poor dying people they a SOL today?

Better to think about what you would do now and prepare for it, right?

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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    Very good. Decades ago, while a rookie in the Academy, we were taught that the reason for the cellulose plastic inside of our eight-point uniform cap, which most guys carry a photo of the family or myself, carried the Miranda Warning Card, was actually for use in the event you get shot. Tear the plastic out or tear a photo holder out of your wallet, and cover the bullet hole. Blood makes a seal and will prevent you from going into shock two or three minutes, hopefully until backup arrives. The other option we were told, was failure to do that, could mean you go into shock, and the assailant walks up and executes you.
    They don’t teach that stuff anymore.

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