Civilian Operator 101: Escaping From Riots and Flash Mobs


Mob Mentality…Escaping from Riots and Flash Mobs

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Very relevant topic considering the state of the Nation.

Is it just me or are Riots becoming “Commonplace” in America now?

Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee and now Charlotte.

It is almost like they are EXPECTED and ACCEPTED by the Govt. and Media isn’t it?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

Regardless of the politics surrounding it, from a Physical Security standpoint, Riots/Flash mobs, etc. are now part of the world we live in.

Best to stop asking “why?” and just start preparing mentally and physically.

As a good friend always says to me:

“This whole thing is a SHIT sandwich and we are all gonna have to take a bite; Just remember to take small bites and always bite the asshole serving it!!”

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


2 thoughts on “Civilian Operator 101: Escaping From Riots and Flash Mobs

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  2. Excellent article.
    In the UK we don’t have the luxury of mace, pepper spray or other GTF out of my way juices. So for those 1001 things you need lubricate at short notice, I carry WD40.
    One of those 3oz cans. Works just as well.

    As for the knife, VERY sound advice only remember in the UK every swinging dick carries a smart phone. What you may need to do is get violent BUT think covert with a blade. Putting a person down with an apparent slap is better than being YouTubed or put on social media knife dancing.

    Innocent and only defending yourself you may be but UK courts aren’t capable of differentiating good from evil.

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