Inspirational Stories: Happiness is a $6K School Bus!!


Life on wheels: Pipe fitter quits work and sells his house to live in a $6,000 SCHOOL BUS because he was tired of a ‘lifestyle of debt’

As Mountain Guerilla said the other day:

“If we are actually PRACTICAL “preppers,” “survivalists,” or–to use the term I prefer–simply, “adult human beings,” we SHOULD be prepared for bad events and WTSHTF.”

Part of this “Being Prepared for Bad Events” is taking the attitude NOW to SIMPLIFY our lives as much as possible and to whatever degree your current economic status allows you. For some folks there might not be much you can do right now except minor changes, for others, Major changes can be made. Only you can decide what is best for YOU.

But know this, this story proves beyond a shadow of a doubt it can be done if the WILL is there to do it and the MENTAL ATTITUDE is present to re-define your priorities in life.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



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