Crusader Corner: America’s Anti-ISIL Fighters in Syria



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Not a bad read on some of the American Civilians that are over there fighting and dying against ISIL.

I had a thought this morning: In another few years will they be doing news reports on American Civilian Operators fighting ISIS HERE IN AMERICA? If things keep going like they are, I think so. Of course it will most likely be an underground newspaper that does the report, since Free Speech will most likely have been done away with by then due to sharia law, but still, an interesting thought none the less.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dnagerous!


5 thoughts on “Crusader Corner: America’s Anti-ISIL Fighters in Syria

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    Demand, Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, to be unified as one law, and to be made the Law-of-the-Land. Situations overseas and here in America, justifies everyone’s God given right to Life and self-defense, as matters regarding jihad will only worsen unless, the American People, take a stand against jihad and crime. Everyone should be involved in fighting terrorists and criminals.

    • +1 Rifle.

      As Civilian Operators we can only concern ourselves with what WE CAN DO RIGHT NOW to protect our own.

      If liberals in Govt and society want to DENY there is a WAR going on right now between ISLAM and AMERICA, go right ahead. But DENYING is only going to make the ENEMY stronger and your RESOLVE Weaker.

      My Plan? I am gonna Worry about me and mine and my own patch of dirt..and I will defend all of it until the last bullet and last breath, against all enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC.

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