Military News: There’s A New Grenade In Town


The U.S. Army Designs a New Hand Grenade After More Than 40 Years

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Well the ole’ M67 has gone the way of the dodo bird.

Enter ET-MP Frag/Concussion Twofer.

Now our enemies get a 2 for 1 deal…Concussion and Shrapnel all in one big, bright and loud package.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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  2. Haven’t read the article yet but commenting on the topic – grenades.
    Met the an amazing man the other day. He is retired Navy Seal and 81 years old.
    Now as interesting (clearing throat) as it was to hear he was buying his “girl friend” a tablet. That was not the most interesting part. (He noted he preferred a laptop.)
    He told me about a war he fought in (wouldn’t say where or when). He and his cohorts were creeping through the “jungle” when all of a sudden he heard pops and then realized he had been shot. He cussed and pulled the pin of the grenade and threw hard – he didn’t know where but that was all he remembered.
    He woke up in Germany with his Commander beside him. It was then he learned that his throw was perfect! Took out the rest of the enemy (5 men); saving his fellow soldiers.
    He was awarded the purple heart and he said living with rubber insides wasn’t too bad.

    • Well Lisa, from the age of this old feller, 81 years old, that would make him being born in 1935, which means the earliest he could have joined the military would have been at age 17, making it 1952. World War II Was over in 1945 and Korea had kicked off in 1950, ending in 1953. The first SEAL Team was not formed until 1962, which means he must have been in a UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) outfit. Him fighting in the “Jungle” puzzles me, since Korea is rarely described as “Jungle”, but hey if this guy was indeed UDT, maybe he was in some other armpit of the world, possibly French Indochina or Central/South America who knows. Awesome story though.

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    It is concerning that our military is so far behind in technology and arsenal!

    The Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose grenade, or ET-MP, will be able to switch between two modes and produce two different kinds of explosions, according to Picattiny. At the same time, it brings back an older “concussive” effect absent from the U.S. Army since the 1970s.
    Adjust the grenade, and the operator can select a fragmentation or concussion mode.
    The ET-MP is also safer for the thrower, Picatinny Arsenal added in an announcement this week. This is because the grenade will feature an electronic fuze, or delay mechanism, unlike the M67’s mechanical fuze. To simplify, an electronic fuze is more reliable over the long term and the detonation can be timed to be extremely precise.
    However, the grenade appears to be just a design at this stage, with the Pentagon committing $1.1 million in funding for the 2017 fiscal year — tiny on the scale of other military programs.

  4. A little military humor…

    Thought you might like this too.

    A Little Used Word
    Congeries (kon-jeer-eez) n. a loose or disorganized collection lacking a theme; a mess.

    What a Mess

    Our national debt is a greedy disgrace.
    There are illegal aliens all over the place.
    The Zika virus is winning the race.
    Our enemies are besting in cyberspace.

    Citizens attack their local police.
    Terrorism doesn’t seem to decrease.
    Kim Jong-un’s lunacy is on the increase.
    Iran’s the antithesis of Middle East peace.

    The Russians are able to do as they please.
    Military readiness fades by degrees.
    Politicians spout their bovine feces,
    And our federal gov’ment’s a damn congeries.

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