Afternoon Laugh

Now I am not judging this guy on whether his techniques are valid or not, you guys can be the judge of that. I will say the guy seems legit and serious about his craft and does have some very relevant videos for self-defense.

The one thing for sure I can tell you is this guy is hella-FUNNY to watch. I think a big part of it may be his weird Chinese/British Cockney accent combined with his facial expressions as he kicks his poor victims in the balls.

Here are a couple of his videos that I found funny.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Laugh Often and Stay Dangerous!


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Laugh

  1. The disarming technique in the first video is similar to what our deputies were taught except that as soon as we gain control of the gun we shoot the perp with it. And if his ghetto gun jams you pull your own sidearm and bust a cap in him. He has already shown that he is ready to kill you, so returning the favor is appropriate.

  2. I suppose inflection of speech could be considered funny, though he was completely clear and understandable. Folks with an Indian accent (sort of a sing song rhythm) are sometimes difficult to understand because of the different vowel sounds.

    • More than inflection in speech there: “Big Freaking Hole in your Head!!” I was ROLMAO!! The guy is a comedian.
      I have many Asian friends btw and used to teach English to Korean kids, so I have much love for the orientals.

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