One More Reason to Dump Facebook


I recently re-posted an article that proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Facebook censors it’s users post according to their own liberal socialist values and “community standards” (and by “community” they mean the Socialist collective ideal of community, not the American one.)

Well here is the final nail in the coffin on that issue.

Facebook recently released a statement they will be reversing their position on publishing the photo below due to, and get this, a strongly worded letter from a journalist in Norway?

The Photo, which was taken in 1972 during the Vietnam War shows a young, naked Vietnamese girl fleeing a recent napalm bombing near Saigon, her clothes being just burned off of her from the fire.



So let me get this straight Facebook: (RANT ON)

You WILL publish this photo, which besides showing nudity of a minor, was also used as the rallying cry for the anti-war movement in this country for several years and was posted on picket signs at airports around this country when my FATHER and thousands more American soldiers like him came home from Vietnam and were SPIT  on and called terrible names like “baby killer” by worthless, POS stinking hippies…

But you will NOT show this photo:


Which shows hundreds of Americans being senselessly MURDERED and VAPORIZED by islamic terrorist in one of the most horrific attacks on this country since Pearl Harbor?

I think we understand now perfectly, with crystal clear clarity, where your sentiments and political viewpoints stand, Mr. Zuckerberg.

If there was ever a clear-cut mouthpiece and pawn for the Socialist Agenda, Facebook is it.

George Orwell is rolling over in his grave right now.

Wake up Folks.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



5 thoughts on “One More Reason to Dump Facebook

  1. I have been in Facebook jail many times for things I have posted. I never threaten or show nudity but they call it “violating Facebook Community Standards” when I tell the truth about islam. I call them badges of TRUTH. Recently, Facebook demanded I send them proof of my identity or be banned for good. I moaned and groaned and then complied. 😦

      • I just can’t I have family and friends there that do no other form of social media I was able to post it through Twitter – I also have been able to create Tiny URL’s that get past facebook — I have now sent them two scathing messages today – they also will not allow me to post about the Dakota Pipeline and the Indians!

  2. Lisa you are hoot, and thank tactical Hermit, I too have in GB jail a couple of time once I was deported. I kid you not I was with very forceful people in what sounded to me like an Arian camp. I could not find my way. The things I learned. These day I stay away really, I don’t appreciate writing an intro and they remove it, not worth aggravation.
    Love and light

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