Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

I have read tons of Personal Stories of that day already this morning, but this one hit me the hardest. I think it is important that we take the time today and REMEMBER 9/11 and more than that, teach the next generation why it is so important.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


I know, I do something like this every year. If you don’t like it, skip it. It’s something I feel I have to do.

On 9/11/01, I was living alone in NJ, going to college. I woke up that morning, went in to brush my teeth, and came back to my room to get dressed for class. As I did every morning, I turned the radio on to listen to Howard Stern. Only… it wasn’t his show. It was some bizarre news cast, and I couldn’t understand what I was hearing. At first, I thought it was a really tasteless joke by Howard Stern, but I quickly realized it was the audio of a TV news cast when the guy said something about the left side of your screen.

My house was situated about two blocks up from the closed military ocean terminal that was soon to become a triage…

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3 thoughts on “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

    • Yeah and how about the part about the dust in peoples homes being deceased remains> I had heard something about that after the attack but that really brought it home for me. We need to hear things like this so We truly NEVER FORGET.

  1. I’ll never forget. I was in my 1st period class. Music class. In the 9th grade. I’ll never forget the emotion I felt. The anger. The feeling of disbelief. I remember thinking, “is this real?”

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