Weapons and Ammo: The 21st Century “Suchka” AKS-74U


Kalashnikov Releases New Micro Assault Rifle to Replace AKS-74U – 21st Century Krinkov!

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I am old school, and an AK aficionado (nut) to boot, so forgive me for making a mountain out of a mole hill with the terminology here.

If this is a replacement for the AKS-74U in 5.45×39 caliber, technically it would not be called a “Krinkov”, Krinkov is a purely Americanized Bastard Term invented for ANY shortened AK-47 or AK-74 Rifle.

The correct term for a AKS-74U would be either a “Suchka” (or translated in Russian..”Little Bitch”) or if you want a more utilitarian non-offensive term, “Okurok” which translated means “Cigarette Butt” in Russian.

The way I was taught (By a crazy Russian) was the caliber is the distinguishing factor as far as terminology.

A 7.62×39 “Shorty” AK is called a “Krink” or “Krinkov”, while a 5.45×39 Shorty AK-74 is called a “Suchka.”

Just a little Firearm Etymological history there for ya’.

My opinion based on looks alone? It looks like a SCAR and an AK had a really ugly baby; but military weapons have to improve over time to take advantage of new technology, right? It sounds like it is keeping the basic operating “guts” of an AK however, which is going to equate to the age-old reliability you can always expect with just a few more bells and whistles.


Not sure about that clunky ugly-ass optic on top there. I know the Russians have more streamlined optics, like the Kobra for example (shown above).

That thing looks like an over-sized version of an EO-Tech plus I bet it adds way too much weight to the gun and makes it top heavy to boot.

Will keep my ears open for any more news on this rifle or anything Kalash for that matter.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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