Gear Review: Kinetic Concealment Double Feature

Today I have two pieces of kit to review or you guys from Kinetic Concealment.


The First is their KC Red Dot.

KC Red Dot

In the past I have talked about how big a fan I am of Compact Micro Red Dot Sights for use on semi-auto rifles such as the AR-15, AK-47/74, FAL, Galil, etc. They provide a quick, snappy sight picture with most models providing a re-assuring co-witness red dot hovering over that front sight post. I personally find the Open “Heads-Up Display” Sights like this one superior to the standard tube sights that resemble and feel like you are looking through a damn toilet paper roll!

Remember guys, Situational Awareness while doing any type of FIGHTING is key, but especially GUN FIGHTING! Having to look through a magnified scope on a sniper or DM rifle is one thing when your target is 500+ yds away, but on a Fighting assault rifle when your enemy is under 300 yds, you want to be able to snap up that sight picture and SEE the battlefield at the same time.

On to the Review…

I was very impressed with the initial package. It included a cleaning cloth, small screwdriver for windage/elevation adjustments, an allen wrench to remove the top plate so you can install the included CR2023 ‘button’ battery, a sight dial which will aid you in making the micro adjustments to windage/elevation and of course the included 1 Year Replacement Warranty card.


The sight comes pre-mounted in an adjustable weaver mount which will work with any picatinny rail system. It has the standard right side tightening knob which can be locked down with a flat head screwdriver.  The sight also comes with a removable plastic cover which is nice for storage and transport.

Here the sight is on one of my AK’s, a modified Yugo M70 with Ultimak rail, PWS FSC-47 Flash Suppressor, IWC Thorntail Adaptive Light Mount and US Palm Bakelite Mag. Night, tight little fighting rifle.



The dot is a 2 MOA which equates to 2 inches at 100 yds, which is more than adequate for combat accuracy with a rifle sight. The power button is a push type located on the front of the unit. The unit has a 5 position switch: 2 positions for on/off and 3 positions for brightness control.

Here is the order:

  1. ON (Dot at full brightness)
  2. Brightness Control 1
  3. Brightness Control 2
  4. Brightness Control 3
  5. OFF

I found Position 3 and 4 the most comfortable for shooting in full daylight and of course full brightness for night shooting with a light. I had no trouble finding the dot in either case. One of the perks of having a small dot you will notice right off is at ranges under 100 yds, your dot is not covering up your target, which is a big plus.




  • I really liked the low profile appearance of the sight. It duplicates the  Burris Fasfire III in appearance in many respects, which is the gold standard for Micro reflex sights IMO.
  • It will Front Sight Co-Witness with an AK on an Ultimak Rail
  • The amount of accessories included with the sight was nice. Having the correct tools makes all the difference in small sights like this.
  • Protective Cover included
  • 2 MOA Dot is a good compromise for pistol, rifle or shotgun use.
  • Designed for rugged use. I bumped it around while training and it held zero fine.


  • No description on MOA dot size online or in paperwork.
  • The power button/brightness control being located on the front is very awkward, activation and brightness setting requires me reaching all the way around the unit versus simple side activation. This is the biggest complaint for me by far.
  • Would like to see a protective rail attachment for rifle/shotgun users, similar to what is offered on the Fastfire mount.
  • Would like to have a Quick Detach Option available.

Parting Shots

Overall you get a very nice sight for the modest cost. The small 2 MOA dot combined with the 3 position brightness control give you a micro red dot that is very versatile for either a pistol, rifle or shotgun setup.


The second product is their KAR-1 knife.


This is a small Karambit style knife (5 inches overall) with an all-serrated (2 inch) blade. It has an integrated paddle holster sheath that is designed for Inside the Boot Carry. Although I am personally not a fan of “neckers”, the paddle unit can be removed and a ball chain or paracord necklace added to make a small neck knife.



Karambit knives represent a very popular blade style for self-defense, often compared to a “raptor claw” they are made for a natural slashing motion as opposed to thrusting or stabbing motions of  more conventional blade designs.

That being said, if the the end user intends on using a Karambit style blade for Self-Defense carry, they are going to need to seek out some training to get the most out of using this type of blade style.

I would recommend Emerson Knives Complete Combat Karambit Training and anything by Doug Marcaida over at The Ultimate Knife. Doug has a ton of videos on YouTube worth checking out also.


  • Small enough to be concealed but big enough to get the job done
  • Knife has decent weigh and good balance
  • Finger grooves fit the hand perfectly
  • Ability to be used as a neck knife is a perk


  • All Serrated blades dull rather quickly after use and are difficult to sharpen
  • The  Sheath System needs some work. The Paddle works fine for boot carry but IWB carry is not very secure, would like to see a belt attachment so it could be worn horizontal on the belt at around 11 o’clock.

Parting Shots

A nice little knife to have around, although a tad small for EDC, I would definitely use this a BUK (Back Up Knife) or as a GO-Bag or a Vehicle blade. Karambits are a unique blade for a unique purpose: Slashing…so make sure to invest some time in some training to use it as efficiently as possible.


Visit Kinetic Concealment Today and tell them the Tactical Hermit sent ya!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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