Civilian Operator 101: Staying Armed!

You know that signature line I sign off with every time: Stay ALERT, Stay ARMED and Stay Dangerous is not just another catchy tag line, right? It is actual sound advice I am giving you guys!

A recent shooting in Barney Obama’s Homocide Capital Home Town,  Chi-Raq (Chicago) re-emphasizes this point.

71 year old Frederico La-Guardia was accosted, shot and robbed by two black thugs in the middle of the day while watering his own yard. Mr. La’Guardia was taken to the hospital with a single gunshot wound to his stomach. He underwent surgery and is listed in Fair Condition at a local hospital.

There is a $1,000 Reward for Information leading to the arrest of these two pieces of human garbage seen in the above video. I would like to say “Dead or Alive” but unfortunately I cannot.

Here is the complete news story.


OK guys, I think an incident like this basically speaks for itself in WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE DIFFERENTLY, but being this was a 71 year old elderly man watering his own front yard in the crime infested murder capital of Chi-Raq, I am not going to get too excited.

Few things to Bounce Around in your Brain.

  1. Always Stay Armed, Regardless of WHERE you are at. This includes doing chores around your OWN HOME! The old adage “Stay Armed 24/7 or Guess Right 24/7” Holds True.
  2. Of course Staying Armed is of little use if you are not paying attention to what is going on around you. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS regardless of where you are at – even in your own front yard, must remain a top priority. When those two little POS rode by on their bikes slowly “casing” the old man out, an alarm bell should have went off immediately. And then when they re-appeared a few minutes late, a friggin’ Air Siren Alarm should have went off!
  3. When those kids began approaching the old man, before they broke 10 feet and got “bad breath distance” close, Your Primary Weapon is your Voice. Southnarc did an excellent DVD called PUC (Personal Unarmed Combat) eight year ago. I highly recommend that DVD or Download. It goes over some excellent tips in street confrontations like this one, including the “Criminal Assault Paradigm” which is a fifty cent word for recognizing criminal’s do not fight fair.

Remember, our primary goal is to DIFFUSE the situation VERBALLY before it ever goes hands on if possible.. Of course in this situation, as soon as the kid pulls out the gun, verbal goes out the window and you are gonna have to go to guns and shoot those bastards to the ground.


Stay Alert, Stay ARMED and Stay Dangerous!


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