Civilian Operator 101: How to Deal With ‘Nosy Shoppers’


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    Use your shopping cart to your advantage. Pull it BEHIND you while unloading groceries onto the register belt. Keep the front of the cart in contact with your leg and between you and the person behind you as you unload your groceries. It will be very difficult for an attacker to get through or around the cart to either rob you or steal the pin number on your card. Grocery carts can also be used as barriers while you are loading your kids or your groceries into the car. Place the cart between you and the source of danger.

    Your homework assignment this week is to use your grocery cart tactically. Try to figure out all the way you can use the cart to protect yourself or your kids. Comment here if you have a good idea.

    I don’t want any of my readers to end up with a hole in their leg like the victim pictured below. Figure out the answers to the questions I posed above and you will be much more likely to avoid that gunshot wound

  3. I’ve pulled the shopping cart behind me for years,that leaves the length of the cart between me and anyone trying to see my PIN #.
    About 5-6 years ago,the two stores we do most of our grocery shopping at moved the keypads so that it’s no longer possible for the person behind you to see the keypad or the screen when you punch in your PIN # even without the cart between you and the next person in line.
    Once banks are done implementing the chips in all debit/credit cards,then there’s no reason for you to have to punch in your PIN #.

    • Most all debit cards have the option for CREDIT where no pin is needed..I highly recommend you guys use this option, for one the transaction goes thru faster and two your purchases are protected by Mastercard or Visa for fraud so if there is a problem you have ZERO liability. Great Point Gamegetter makes on the chips too…the new chips assign a unique encrypted code to each transaction to make it much harder for that transaction to be hacked or tampered with.

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