Survival 101: Upgrade Your Primitive Skills


Get back in touch with your primitive side!

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Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



4 thoughts on “Survival 101: Upgrade Your Primitive Skills

  1. I dunno, my wife thinks I’m pretty damn primitive as it is, I don’t know how much more practice I need.


    Om a more serious note, this young guy impresses the hell out of me, I have watched most of his videos already.

    • Yes, I practice Cave-Man techniques every day…in fact I urge all my readers to get in touch with their inner cave man every day….build a fire from scratch and cook raw meat over it that you killed with a bow and arrow. After that, go breed frequently with your woman in a fresh, cold spring. Now that’s living! Can say unga-unga-boonga?

      • Hard to talk when little Jimmy and the twins are trying to crawl up behind your belly button .

        I was pretty amazed that he built a blower out of clay. I see he has an abundance of it wherever he is and uses it for all kinds of things. I’ll admit the blower was pretty much genius though.

        Is it just me or do you kind of see a progression of technology going on here?
        He just smelted some metal from ore in this video. I’m wondering if metal tool making isn’t going to be featured on one his videos here in the near future?

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