Crime Awareness: Adversarial Attraction


Adversarial Attraction: the Predator’s Optic

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Great street smarts article on the reality of NOT becoming a victim.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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    Are you a hard target?
    In plain speak—bad guys go after soft targets.
    Predators look for the path of least resistance and continually monitor the playing field for signs from potential targets to guide them down this path. When you see a turn signal on the freeway, you can respond accordingly. Similarly a predator will look for “indicators” or signals from the playing field to indicate which is a more suitable or softer target.
    In a classic study conducted by a prison psychologist where dozens of convicted felons were interviewed, the psychologist played videos or presented several snapshots of random crowds of people in shopping malls, subway stations, and busy city streets and asked each of the inmates to point out for him the softest target in the pictures–that is the individual that they would most likely attack if given the opportunity. All responses were recorded. The study concluded that nearly every inmate selected the same people in each segment for similar reasons—these reasons form the baseline definition of Soft Target Indicators.

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