Armed Citizen Corner: The Cautionary Tale of the “Crabtree Idiot”


Would-Be Hero Almost Gets Shot By Police Responding To “Mall Shooting”

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Take Note Guys: THIS IS WHAT NOT TO DO When you hear about a Possible Active Shooter Situation nearby.

DO NOT go running in there in your GI Joe get-up with your brand new Bushmaster AR yelling

“Ye-Haw MotherFu_kers!!! Where are those Damn Jihadist!!”

In the words of the author, you MIGHT get “Ventilated” by Responding Law Enforcement.

But this also brings up a very good training question: What does an Armed Citizen do if they are actually inside a mall or wherever during an Active Shooter incident and the SWAT team comes blazing in? At What point should we “disarm” ourselves to avoid confusion and from being Wrongfully identified as “hostile” because we are armed?

That Answer will be coming up next week.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



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