Recognizing the Media’s Role in The Destruction of American Democracy


Armed, Confederate flag-waving White Lives Matter protesters rally outside Houston NAACP

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I almost did not put this article up because surprise, surprise! the author’s tone was so blatantly bias toward the BLM and the NAACP.

The reason I did was to show the FLAGRANT HYPOCRISY AND DENIAL that exist in the liberal, socialist lap-dog media when it comes to not acknowledging that BLM and the Black Islamic Militants/Domestic Terrorist/Cop Killers that populate it’s ranks in this country are the REAL THREAT TO SOCIETY AS A WHOLE. 

In short, it is OK for Black People to Protest, Exercise their First and Second Amendment Rights with their flags and symbols of “black racial pride” all the while openly encouraging the “Lynching and Murdering of White People and Cops”  and chanting things like “Oink, Oink, Bang, Bang, Off the Pigs” and openly support Cop Killing SCUM like Micah Johnson and Gavin Long.

But when White People show up exercising the same First and Second Amendment rights and protest PEACEFULLY, calling attention to BLM’s present and past riotous and seditious behavior, not to mention their obvious connection and support of the nation of islam, islamic terrorism and sharia law, all the while NOT ENCOURAGING THE MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE OR LAW ENFORCEMENT, they are the big bad “Boogeyman”??

SUDDENLY “White Lives Matter” is WRONG and “Black Lives Matter” is RIGHT?? HUH??

Did we all just all fall down an Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole? WTF!!

How does this backwards logic work? Is What is good for the goose not literally good for the gander??

The Same goes for the OBVIOUS MEDIA BIAS in the Recent Flooding in Louisiana.

Sorry Washington Post and Houston Chronicle; go sell that Socialist, George Soros Funded, Saul Alinsky Doctrine of dividing a country along racial lines to “grease the rails” for Socialism and Islamic Fascism somewhere else.

You will have to forgive me readers, it is out of character for me to go off on a tangent like this but the hypocrisy of media and politics some times is too much to bear. It literally makes me sick. I hate to give free advertising to any political movement, politician or any lowlife scum sucking social justice “activist”, but there it is.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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