Examining Terrorist Tactics: Dealing With Stuff That Blows Up


Dealing with Bombs & Improvised Explosive Device Incidents

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This subject is becoming more and more a common topic among civilian self-defense trainers and that is a good thing. Our training ALWAYS needs to reflect the reality of the threat on the street. The average civilian needs to have some kind of working knowledge of these kinds of devices. I am not talking about being an EOD tech or anything like that, but just being aware of what they look like and how they are used. The Civilian Operator needs to REALLY pay attention to his surroundings now more than ever before simply because the likelihood of running into one of these devices is greater than ever before, even in CONUS.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


3 thoughts on “Examining Terrorist Tactics: Dealing With Stuff That Blows Up

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  2. That’s nice, an expert speaks. My era too.
    What he said was sound advice except if everything has gone to hell in a hand basket, there will be no experts to dig you out of the mire.

    You need only know three things.
    Identification, how to get the hell out of there in one piece on discovery, but more importantly how to MAKE and DEPLOY weapons which may include IED’s but shouldn’t be limited to them.

    If everything has gone to hell in a hand basket, you also need to read up and practice on those SILENT DIY devices.
    Nail boards, really bad on feet because how many of you wear safety boots with insole protection.
    Scratch posts smeared with shit. Because later on your access to antibiotics and antiseptics will be limited and a simple scratch may kill you.
    Water. Yes, I wrote water. How to make sources undrinkable using both bio matter and domestic chemicals.
    Punji pits, Bullet mines, Fish hook laced trip wires, Rat poison in foodstuff, Antifreeze in wine.
    Need I go on.

    I wrote once that survival will become combat only FORGET THE RULES and start to think Viet Kong not Captain America. Think guerilla not MOUT.

    To slow an enemy is to buy you time.
    Do that BY MAKING THEM search slowly and carefully.
    To do so will need a searcher, he will need an overwatch. You’ve tied 2 up.
    One injured on their side ties up their manpower. Usually 3 or 4.
    One killed on their side just p’sses them off.
    I worked with a really good trigger once. He always shot to maim.
    Think about it. Tying up many to care for the few.

    Ultimately your flexibility, your adaptiveness, your cunning may be all you’ve got.
    After all in Ireland the kids and grannies passed out food to the troops, laced with poison.
    Only some of it didn’t work quickly.

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