Military History: Operation Paul Bunyan – August 1976


Operation Paul Bunyan – August 1976

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An Obscure piece of Military history that is both entertaining and enlightening as to how friggin crazy the North Korean’s really are.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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    “I have rarely, if ever, learned what the government intended me to learn from any training they gave me. – The only thing I can actually remember from SERE is how to stop the hiccups and how to break wind without making any noise.

    I won’t go into the official conclusions about the tree incident, but I will say that my personal conclusion is that carrying unloaded weapons, having to abide by ROEs and not having sniper teams providing cover from every possible vantage point was a big part of the problem.

    What I really learned from this incident had nothing to do with the Panmunjom tree.

    When life turns to crap; when your internal pains and hidden scars push you beyond you limits, when it seems like the best choice is to toss in the towel, – Ruck up and be the guy in the white shirt.”

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