Russian Roulette Gear and Swag Review

Some more gear and swag from my “brothers from other mothers” at Russian Roulette Clothing.

Do me a Favor and Patronize the Hell out of these Guys…they offer some truly unique swag and are some really good people in a world of pretentious snobs.



S.H.I.T (Sniper Hiding In Trashcan) Patch

A Unique Patch to slap on your gear to show your Individualist side and show that you truly give ZERO Fucks about making sense.



My M92 build


Circle 10 Extended AK Charging Handle

I have one of these on every AK I own.   It is one of the few after-market mods out there you can do to an AK that actually improves efficiency with the gun IMO. Truly makes working the gun easier and faster with or without gloves.


5.56 T-Shirt

Gotta give the .22 Calibers some love every now and then, right?


5.56×45 T-Shirt

OK, Double love for the .22’s, what the hell.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Stay an Individual and Stay Dangerous!