Glock’s New 17M Model Photo’s Leaked


Breaking: Photo Of The New FBI Glock 17M Leaked

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Photos of the new G17M that Glock built specifically for the FBI has rolled out.

Although it is the wrong caliber for me, SOME of the changes in the platform most likely will be what we see across the entire caliber line on the Gen 5’s in 2017 depending on how these things go over with Joe Q Public.

Changes include:

  • A new tougher finish
  • Changes in the rifling (Standard vs Polygonal Rifling)
  • Longer recoil spring assembly
  • Reinforced forward notch for the recoil spring assembly
  • A smoother trigger similar to the G42/43
  • Flared magwell
  • No finger grooved
  • Changes in the safety plunger
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Magazines have an extended front lip
  • Magazine well cutout

Since most of these changes are cosmetic, My 2 cents on the 4 major changes are as follows:

  1. The changes in the rifling is really not that big of a deal since you have always been able to install after-market standard rifling barrels. I don’t think Glock is gonna go with this change on the Gen 5 however as I think this was a FBI requested mod. Personally, I like standard rifling a tad more.
  2. No Finger Grooves? I think Joe Q is gonna want those back, personally I liked them.
  3. Ambi Slide Release. I am ambivalent on this one since I don’t use the slide release as a general rule, but since Glock already went with a Ambi Mag Release on some models already, why not make this standard on the new ones going forward.
  4. Flared Magwell. This will be something folks are either gonna love or hate. Personally, I don’t see the need. This is a Duty/Concealed Carry Gun, not a Competition Race gun. It would seem to me Adding this mod would bulk up the grip outline and make it harder to conceal and easier to snag things on, but maybe not, who knows. Like everything else, Feedback from the field is gonna determine if we see it again. Word is through the Grapevine that folks back in Austria were not crazy about this ideal to begin with so I doubt it rolls around again.


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