Civilian Operator 101: The Reality of a Knife Attack on the Street

Here is a no bullshit example of what a knife attack is REALLY like on the street.

Basically from what I could gather from  the half-retarded google translation is this Russian Cop is writing this old man (called a pensioner) a ticket in his patrol car. At the end the old man decides he was not having any of this ticket shit and pulls out a hunting knife and stabs the cop in the chest. The cop was able to signal a fellow police officer for help thankfully, who promptly pulls the “pensioner” out of the car and gives him a good beating before arresting him.

The Cop was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. At last report he was stable and expected to make a full recovery. The surgeon told the cop the knife had narrowly missed his heart.

Video’s like this teach the Civilian (and the Law Enforcement Officer) some very valuable lessons.

  1. ANYBODY can hurt/kill you with a knife if they are close enough to you and have enough intent to kill you. Never think because somebody is old, disabled, female, gay or whatever that they are not a threat with a knife. EVERYBODY is a threat with a knife.
  2. This shows what a Knife attack is REALLY LIKE ON THE STREET. As soon as the knife comes out it goes directly into the target’s flesh, specifically aiming for a major organ or arteries.Notice how FAST the attack happens. No farting around, no dancing, just stabbing. What really saved the cop is the guy only stabbed him once versus doing the “prison sewing machine” move where he would repeatedly stab at close range. I think the old man thought he had stabbed the cop in the heart so he just twisted the blade a little at the end there.
  3. If this video teaches us anything it is that in Close Contact situations things can go from friendly to deadly in a split second. So be careful who you let REALLY CLOSE TO YOU! Remember it is the hands that are going to kill you so forget all the nonsense  about always looking your opponent in the eye!

Bottom line, every Civilian Operator needs some type of knife defense course under their belt. There are several good ones out there, but the most “street realistic” for my money is Craig Douglas aka Southnarc and Kelly Mccann.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



2 thoughts on “Civilian Operator 101: The Reality of a Knife Attack on the Street

  1. Knife attacks are increasing, so a lot of good lessons in this post about not underestimating the possibility of it happening to YOU. Stay vigilant!

    • Thanks for reading Jack. Knives are nasty business and the truth of it is most folks who carry a gun for self-defense are overly confident just for the fact they have a gun. Get good training and train Often!

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