Cartel Corner #94: Crooked Cop Executed by Mexican Mafia in Texas


A crooked cop’s execution-style killing in Texas exposes the ruthless inner workings of the Mexican Mafia

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It always amazes me the stupidity of crooks (either straight up crooks or crooks pretending to be cops) advertising themselves on social media. #Dumb-ass of the Year Award.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


5 thoughts on “Cartel Corner #94: Crooked Cop Executed by Mexican Mafia in Texas

  1. The douchenozzle that admitted he killed the cop looked like he was sampling a bit too much of whatever dope they were selling that day.
    He’s wasted-probably has no clue he’s about to get life in prison or the needle.

    • Yep Yep… IMO, this is a classic example of the “total idiot”. Guy wanted to play Gangster while pretending to be a cop. The only problem is he advertised it on Facebook. The real question for the FBI now is how deep does the sewage line run in this Dept.? Don’t you find it funny this guy operated with impunity all this time while advertising it on FB and it was the crooks who took him down and not Cops??

      • Online, in modern times. Incidents similar are not unheard of, as criminal element, usually will, betray the dirty cops who sold the badges and sacred trust. Problem was, and perhaps is, that when dirty cops operate, all the honest cops walk around with a bloody nose.

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