Practical Solutions to Serious Problems #1: Stopping Skeeters


I decided to start a recurring series about finding Practical Solutions to Serious Problems we CO’s face every day. If you guys have any ideals on future articles feel free to leave them in the comments.

In this edition we are going to discuss how to solve (at least temporarily) a problem that is on everybody’s mind as of late because of the Government induced Zika virus scare: Mosquitos.

If you live in the deep south like me, you know that Mosquitoes are a giant pain in the ass come summertime. Down where I live, they literally swarm in black clouds on some days. and if you have pet’s, it is a double-whammy because of the very real threat of heartworms.

In the past, my family has depended on the ole’ standby that most people use: spraying themselves down with mosquito repellent that contains that lovely (and toxic) chemical called DEET.

Well, I recently read about a solution that is really practical and actually serves a double purpose: FANS.

In a recent article I posted up about Drones from the Havok Journal, the author also briefly discusses using fans as a mosquito solution:

While we are on the subject of flying pests, did you know that a strong fan will give you a mosquito free back yard? The best fans for the project are re-purposed, see we recycle, squirrel cage fans from HVAC units in homes. You can check with an AC repairman about a used fan. Build a box around it to control the intake and exhaust and you can keep your back yard pest free of noxious flying insects because they simply cannot fly against the pressure of that fan.

Speaking of re-purposing and thinking out of the box, I have a friend who wanted a Port-A-Cool for his backyard but did not want to drop $600 to a Grand for one. He took an old industrial shop fan he found at a flea market and then sits a tub full of ice in front of it with his adult beverages….Redneck Air Conditioning! You get the double advantage of no skeeters and some cool air when it is 100+ degrees!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!