World War II History: Two Great Stories Worth Your Time

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P.J. Ortiz, Colonel, OSS

I promise after you read this you will have a new definition of True Patriotism.


Günther Korthals: Grabbing the Initiative Like a Boss

So many times when you read about the ETO in WW2 you only get the American side of things. This is a fantastic story of why the German Wermacht was such a fierce and unrelenting opponent: PROFESSIONAL, QUALITY SOLDIERS.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!



5 thoughts on “World War II History: Two Great Stories Worth Your Time

  1. Thanks for this posting. Ortiz’s actions were absolutely staggering, making Hollywood’s fictional war stories (The Dirty Dozen, The Guns of Navarone to name a few) seem ridiculous in comparison.
    He seemed to take great pleasure in flaunting his presence; wearing his uniform knowing the Germans had a vested interest in his capture? I wouldn’t call him crazy; yet in doing so he was, in a sense, painting a target on himself and the men working with him. Safe to say the word “discretion” wasn’t in his vocabulary.
    Proceeding to read the other entry…

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