Dose of Truth

In reality, I guess you could put every Politician in the history of U.S. Politics up there including Trump but this woman has a special place as the World Heavyweight Champion of Liars along with her husband Slick Willie. The record speaks for itself.






6 thoughts on “Dose of Truth

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    • Honestly Lisa I could care less.
      I would not piss on her if she was on fire.
      BUT, like her husband, I think she has some serious health problems. A friend of mine who is a physician told me one time she has all the classic signs of serious hypertension…the tell-tell signs are mainly the water retention in her legs and feet…I mean the woman has a set of “cankles”!!
      Slick Willie will die before she does though no doubt, the man has had a quadruple bypass before his 60th Birthday.

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