Prepper 101: Time to Start Stockpiling Immodium



Opioid Abusers Using Loperamide to Get High or Alleviate Withdrawal, with Fatal Consequences


One of the most used drugs in any survival stockpile is Immodium (loperamide).  It safely and reliably stops diarrhea.  It is also used on the street to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms.  Here’s how it works for that purpose.  If society takes a downturn, there will be lots of opiate addicts unable to get their drugs.  This may ease some of their suffering…as long as they aren’t fatally dosed like these patients.

You’ll note that the article talks about creating restrictions on the future sale of loperamide.  It might be a good idea to stock up now just in case.  Amazon has 800 caplets for less than $20.  That should be a lifetime supply for most of us.

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