A New Blog and a New Direction


I wanted to tell you guys I will be shutting down the HCS blog sometime in August and starting a new blog with a new direction and feel.

I really want to start offering more original and unique content to include more In-Depth Product reviews, More Original “Civilian Operator 101” articles and also some of my own short stories and I think starting fresh with a new blog is the best way to do that.

So Stay Tuned and Stay Dangerous, I think you guys are going to Like what I have Planned!!





11 thoughts on “A New Blog and a New Direction

  1. As soon as I see it I will add it to the Blogroll over at The Vulgar Curmudgeon just like this one.
    For whatever that’s worth…..


  2. No need for a new blog- just make your changed in content. If you start over,then you’ll be starting over w followers. There’s so many blogs out there now it’s hard to attract followers.
    That’s my two cents anyhow.

    • I am looking into my options…the main thing is the domain name change I have planned. I think I can just buy a new domain and map it to this blog. Going to dive into it this month when I have time.

    • Well GP I am looking into migrating the new IP Domain, so most likely it will just be a name change with new content! That way I can keep my subscribers…Will keep you posted.

  3. Will the old content still be available to read? I like to scroll through the old stuff occasionally and refer new folks to some old stuff from time to time.

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