Learning From Terrorist Tactics: Dump Truck VBIED’s?

Dump truck

With the Political Circuses (I mean Conventions) going on, you would be hard pressed right now to hear about anything worthwhile in the State Run media other than the latest lies some Politician told, but this little tidbit did catch my eyes and ears:

Dump Truck Driver Says He Has Bomb, Smashes Through FBI Gate

Though not called a “Terrorist Act” by the FBI, (undoubtedly since no bomb actually went off, nobody was killed and the guy’s “mental state” has been called into question) I would  still urge all my readers to take note of this kind of tactic, which bares resemblance to the Terror Attack in Nice, France 2 weeks ago.

In this particular instance, the truck was disabled by security barriers in front of the FBI building, but seeing that in the past terrorist have choose “Soft” targets for these types of attacks (large gatherings of people by the side of the road for example like in Nice, France) where barriers and security are lax or non-existent, The Civilian Operator should make a mental note of the possibility of these types of attacks when out in public venues like these.

When you consider the damage a heavy truck like this could do just by itself in running over unsuspecting people in a crowd and then add explosives into the mix, the exponential factor of possible casualties skyrocket.

The best course of action for the CO is of course first recognizing that a threat like this exist and then physically preparing for the attack.

My most recent article “Stopping a Jihad-Mobile” is a good start.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Stay Informed and Stay Dangerous!




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