Obscure Weapons: The Luger P-08 “Nachtpistole” (Night Pistol)

I just love seeing and reading about firearms like this. Way ahead of it’s time, this is just an exquisite example of “necessity is the mother of invention.” -SF

Luger p08


Found this gem on Instagram @axis_and_allies45

This is an extremely rare example of a Luger P08 “Nachtpistole” (Night pistol) that was used by Hitler’s personal Leibstandarte-ϟϟ security detail. Decades ahead of its time, like many Nazi inventions, the Nachtpistole was not only beautiful, it was also practical. Mounted under the barrel was a small flashlight. This would be relatively simple had the battery behind the flashlight not been connected to the brass hardware on the grip plate, only turning on the flashlight when the pistol was handled and the skin conducted the electricity.

Aside from its odd functionality, it was an exquisitely built sidearm. Based on early P08 designs, the Nachtpistole featured a grip safety, walnut base plates on the magazines, and was chambered in 7.65x21mm Parabellum instead of the much more common 9x19mm.
Only two Nachtpistoles are known to exist with one being sold for $184,000 in 2012 and the other residing in a museum in Germany.

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