To my Cat, on the Occasion of his Parting

This story got to me…call me a softy…but I Like Cats.

The Angry Staff Officer

This wasn’t supposed to be this hard to write.

I’d thought about writing this weeks ago, and it all seemed to flow so well. That was before emotion got involved. See, emotion can be a blessing and a curse. It can tie your reader to your story and get them involved. But it can also cause the author to not want to write. However, I have to write this; because it will give some measure of… ending? Closure? I’m not sure. But here goes.

Three weeks ago I said goodbye to one of my best friends. That he happened to be a cat might seem odd to some. It still seems odd to me.

This was not my first loss of a pet. I’ve grown up with nearly every animal you can imagine on a farm, and then some. Being in close proximity to a country road, many pets were…

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2 thoughts on “To my Cat, on the Occasion of his Parting

    • Yeah no joke. Why is it we set ourselves up with animals knowing we are going to have to go thru the pain of their loss? I guess we could ask that question about all things in life, huh?

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