The Poll Results Are In!


It was a close one, but a whopping 50% of the votes want More Content About Civilian Operator Topics but Still Would like Relevant News pertaining to the Martial Civilian. This was followed by a very close 44% Wanting No Change at All to the Blog and 16% Wanting the Blog to be just centered Around Civilian Operator Topics with No News.

So Ultimately, you guys will be seeing LESS News stories and MORE Training Centered Civilian Operator Material. Of course, the Comments Section will always be Open, so let me know what you guys Think!

Thanks For Voting Guys. I just wanted to get your Input on this because ultimately I do this as a Service to YOU.

I would also like to say something really quick about the horrible terrorist attack in Nice, France that Killed 84 People including 2 Texans.

One of the reasons I do this Blog is to Help the Average Person get themselves prepared, both with knowledge and training for when that terrible day comes calling whatever it may be: Terrorist Attack, Natural Disaster, Active Shooter, whatever.

I want you guys to know that attacks like the one we saw in Dallas last week and this attack in France are soon going to be common place here in America…the War ISIS is waging at the moment is in Europe but very soon it will come here in full force.

We all need to be ready and prepared and one of the primary ways we can do that is staying ALERT.

Situational Awareness of your surroundings is Always going to be your BEST and PRIMARY Weapon.

So stay off those phones, laptops, tablets and for God Sake’s Stop Chasing Pokemon!

Time to Man Up and Get Serious if You want to Celebrate a Few More Birthdays.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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  1. You should think about small group training, podcasts etc. Sounds like you have what it takes.

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