Texas News: Attacks on Public Servants Continue!

This time it was an hispanic not black man… But just the same, the lame-stream media is not going to report it or mention that BLACK ON WHITE or HISPANIC ON WHITE CRIME is UP since the Dallas Shooting.

Just another reminder to keep your Situational Awareness peaked right now. Things are going to be tense for a while and until it settles down, prudence demands you stay FROSTY. -SF




Off-Duty Firefighter And 1 Other Person Stabbed At Walmart In Princeton

Princeton, Texas 

An off-duty McKinney firefighter and one other person were attacked at the Walmart in Princeton, allegedly by an employee who soon became a former employee.

Both victims were taken via CareFlite to the hospital.

Sources tell CBS11’s J.D. Miles, the Walmart employee, Nicolas Martinez, 20, allegedly slit the firefighter’s throat from behind with about 200-300 shoppers inside the busy store.

Nicolas Martinez

The firefighter is said to be in stable condition and was identified as George Cook, a McKinney Fire Department Battalion Chief who’s served for over two decades.

Investigators said they believe Martinez targeted Cook and the customer, another man who was said to be a contractor for Walmart. The horrific incident occurred in front of other customers and workers. The suspect then simply walked out of the store and into a nearby field, where he was detained.

Martinez, who is in custody, was also hurt. Police captured video of officers taking him down on dashcam video.

“When we pulled up on scene the officers ordered him down, while officers did have gunpoint on him not knowing whether he had a gun or knife,” said Chief James Waters of the Princeton Police Department.

Erica Jones, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for Walmart released this statement:

“Today’s events are deeply troubling. Our thoughts are with everyone who was a part of this terrible situation. We are thankful to the first responders for their quick action, and we are continuing to work closely with the police. The associate who did this was arrested and his employment at our store was immediately terminated.”

The store was locked down and will remain closed until investigation is complete.

Chief Waters was one of three officers seen in the video. The officers responded after helping patrol Dallas streets to allow Dallas officers to attend the funerals of the victims of last week’s attack. A Dallas Police officer heading back from the funeral responded to the incident and helped evacuate the store and gather witnesses.

“With our hearts being heavy and seeing everything that’s going on there, after we took the suspect into custody we had learned and actually observed one of the Dallas police officers that was actually helping us out,” said Waters. “Our professionalism and our professions don’t just stop at boundaries, it goes across state lines, it goes across nationwide.”

A colleague of the firefighter said the firefighters is expected to be OK. The condition of the second victim was not yet known.

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