RKBA News: Watch Hillary Supporters Rob a Gun Store

Because, after all, stricter gun control measures (that only effect Law Abiding Citizens) WORK at keeping guns out of criminals hands right?


This is one you won’t want to miss! Several ‘men’ in Northern California robbed a couple gun stores by smashing their cars into the window, running in, and taking whatever they could. The funny part about this is that one of their cars had a “Ready for Hillary” sticker on it. Click here to watch the video.


Here is another clip of the robbery:


This is what I Imagined the Thieves were saying during the robbery:

“We gonna elect Hillary so we can keep getting our welfare and food stamps and as far as guns, we ain’t worried about dat cuz we steals ours and then rob honest white folks with them and the cycle repeats…..Hillary gonna disarm the white folks and make it easier for us to do this everyday and every night…hell yeah we voting for HRC, because every day will be like Christmas!!”

(**Grammatical and syntax errors added for realism**)

Something To Consider: I know there has not a lot of credence been paid to the threat by Anonymous of a “Global Day of Protest” on 7/15 (Friday), but let’s play a game of connect the dots. Gun Store Robberies, just in the last 3 months (across the nation) have skyrocketed, the perps most of the time being young black men and the majority of the weapons going unaccounted for…disappearing into the void of the Black market. Could we be seeing the arming of the BLM/Black Militants right before our eyes? I don’t know, just thought I would throw it out there since I know the Feds and the inept ATF/FBI surely won’t.

Wake up America!! The Safety of You and Your Family are at STAKE.

Stay Alert, Stay ARMED and Stay Dangerous!

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2 thoughts on “RKBA News: Watch Hillary Supporters Rob a Gun Store

    • Yes and if you look at the number of gun store robberies just in the last 3 months by YOUNG BLACK MEN, common sense would tell you this is just one of many “SUPPLY RUNS”.

      Stay Alert, Stay Armed.

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