Reader’s Poll: What Do You Guy’s and Gal’s Want On the Blog?

I am going to Leave this up All Day and Let You Guys Know The Final Decision Friday Morning. Thanks For All Your Help!



7 thoughts on “Reader’s Poll: What Do You Guy’s and Gal’s Want On the Blog?

    • I know that Rifle but I just wanted some reader feedback….so far it looks like you guys want the same thing I was planning on doing anyways.

      • It’s all Good; And, it’s all Valuable.
        As a suggestion under Advisement, summer is here, everything will be the same. No race wars. No Hillary indictment. No EMP. So, why not do some fishing? Weather cools off, a little deer hunting or hog hunting? Relax. I do this because I basically have nothing else to do. I drink coffee boiler coffee, fill up the ashtray, and read news all day. Take a few hours of nap, wake up, repeat.

  1. I like the topics as is- especially how historical actions and thesis (ex,PIRA articles) apply today. Some more Yugo/Serbia history may be in order also.

    You are on par with Guerillamerica, MDT, MVT, USCROW etc in my book. I look to you for quality info.

    • I appreciate that a lot. It looks like from the Poll (If you have not already, please VOTE) that the content is going to remain the same with a stronger emphasis on Civilian Operator topics and subject matter.

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