Modern Crime: White Trash Meth Monkey Who Killed Two Bailiff’s in Michigan Had A Violent and Sick Past

 May God be with the families of the two Peace Officers who were killed and a Speedy recovery to the Deputy and Civilian who were wounded. 

It is pieces of human fecal matter like this that legitimize bringing back mandatory sterilization and public executions. -SF


A man who accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teen girl stole a gun from a sheriff’s deputy inside a courthouse in Michigan and then killed two bailiffs, police say. The deputy was wounded.

Authorities say Larry Gordon, 44, took the gun as he was being transported through the Berrien County Courthouse on July 11. Responding officers then killed Gordon. The entire incident took around 10 minutes to unfold, according to authorities. The shooting took place in the town of St. Joseph, about 50 miles west of Kalamazoo.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gordon Held a Teen Girl in a Shed for 2 Weeks, Sexually Assaulting Her on Video & Forcing Her to Use Meth, Prosecutors Say

Larry Gordon wife Jessica

Gordon pictured with his ex-wife Jessica in 2009. (Facebook)

Gordon was facing charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and obstructing police, reports WZZM.

Prosecutors say Gordon was accused of holding a teen girl in a shed against her will for two weeks, WOOD-TV reports.

“The 17-year-old had been held against her will by Gordon for approximately two weeks,” Berrien County Prosecutor Michael Sepic said in a statement. “He gave her methamphetamine in exchange for sex, forced some penetrations, and assaulted her with weapons, and assault by strangulation. He also video recorded the sexual activity.”

Police said they had discovered a similar incident from 2006 involving a 16-year-old girl, but he had not been charged in that case.

Gordon was facing up to life in prison.

He had lengthy criminal history, reports WSBT, dating back to a robbery conviction 1992. His other priors included breaking and entering, DUI and open container violations and fleeing an officer.

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7 thoughts on “Modern Crime: White Trash Meth Monkey Who Killed Two Bailiff’s in Michigan Had A Violent and Sick Past

    • Oh man, down here in TX, A “White Trash Meth monkey” is an actual BREED of person! They are all over down here and breed like crazy…they set up portable meth labs all over in the woods down here…a buddy of mine heard this God awful explosion the other night and a few of them had blown themselves up in a lab on the back side of his property. Made an awful mess, but at least there are 3 less meth monkeys in the world and none of his cows were hurt. 🙂

      • Cows are without a doubt worth much much more than meth heads.
        Up here,it’s not just the white trash-it’s the Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, blacks,middle eastern people,plus there’s a lot of people from Nepal,India,Nigeria, a few Somali skinnys,and a bunch of folks from former Soviet Bloc countries.
        All of them are represented in either meth,or heroin use/dealing or both.

      • Oh Yeah Drug Abuse knows no color or socio-economic class, but hell I don’t have to tell you anything about that, you have suffered through it enough for one lifetime. Bottom line, there is a drug epidemic all over and the end result of all of it is DEATH.

    • The SOB should have been buried under the jailhouse after the first time he kidnapped that girl and forced her to smoke meth…but that is the obama justice system..let all the human garbage go free because our prisons are too full.

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