Dallas Shooter Gun Enigma


I had recently posted an article that originally appeared this morning on Ammo-Land written by my fellow blogger Dean Weingarten on the TYPE of gun Dallas Shooter Micah Johnson used to murder 5 Dallas Cops.

Dean had Speculated an SKS, which turned out to be incorrect.

Since this morning, that article has been taken down and replaced with this article which can be seen on both Ammo-Land and Gun Watch.

In this article Dean poses the question to all readers:  Who Knows this rifle? (The one on the right above)

I am gonna throw my hat in the ring on this one and say it is this rifle:

(I cannot identify the scope, although it appears to be a 4 or 6x low quality “Stainless” model mounted on some type of side-rail mount. The RAS-47 does come standard with a scope rail as seen in the second picture via the link)


Century Arms RAS-47, 7.62×9 Rifle with Zhukov Magpul Furniture.



Please note: The link provided with this gun is attached to Aim Surplus. I am in no way inferring this is where Johnson GOT this gun, I am simply providing the link for purposes of identification.

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4 thoughts on “Dallas Shooter Gun Enigma

  1. It was NBC news that originally stated that their police sources verified the shooter used an SKS.
    Now there’s a pic circulating that’s supposedly the shooters A-K-74 variant.
    How the hell is the rifle -and optic-going to be intact after a full pound of C-4 was detonated while the shooter was holding it?
    Something don’t smell right about the “verified” SKS turning into an A-K.

    • Ok, OK…I have been so busy I was not sure where the first gun ID came from.

      I am with you on this being suspicious, and I am digging around for clues with some Dallas contacts, but I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in as far as a weapon ID since all the jack turd libs wanted to ID it first as an “AR Assault Rifle”…oh of course it had to be the “big bad Black Rifle that done it, right?”…Jeeeez….gimme a break….never mind the black power militant who has ties to Hamas and got training at the “Kill Whitey” Huey P. Newton Gun Club right? That not news worthy but the gun is!!! The really bad thing is half the brain dead zombies out there fall for this red herring crap.

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